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The word “Kipani” is Hawaiian and translates to Tiffany, who just happens to be the lead singer of the three-piece “Diary-Pop” band KIPANI (pronounced Keh-ponn-ee).

KIPANI hit the upstate New York scene in 2020 with a high energy show comprised of original music brought straight from Tiffany’s diary to your ears.  With song topics about our inner-most emotions and demons, KIPANI’S lyrics and music have resonated with listeners across the globe. The members of KIPANI (Tiffany, Sean, and Mike) all come from musical theatre backgrounds.  In musicals, the story is told through the music. This influence can be heard in the band’s songs, and seen in the live shows.

Specializing in a strong social media presence, constant music videos, and regular online content, KIPANI wants to give their fans the best experience beyond the music. Follow us @kipanimusic


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Spoiled Ingrates
Better this way
Nice to Be me
all i can do
pity party
messy room
just run
dish it out
hey, thanks
right for you
red carpet

RELEASE DATE: May 19, 2023
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End of the line
Up for anything
bitter end
freaking out
same thing

RELEASE DATE: May 6, 2022

Promo Pics
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"...kipani are an indie pop trio made up of Mike McManamon, Sean Sherwood, and Tiffany Jhingoor.  Together they've masterfully crafted an EP titled "LOTUS" that's surpassed our wildest expectations and already been on constant repeat since it got sent our way.  Filled to the brim with inventive instrumentation, three-part harmonies, and beyond, we sincerely can't wait for everyone out there to give this a listen."

"From start to finish, LOTUS is an absolute delight and amalgamation of genre"

"Reminiscent of iconic folk artist Carol King, 'Enlighten Me' is a stripped-back single oozing sincerity and raw honesty. Combining the prominent piano with soothing vocals (but lively at the same time), kipani holds all females up saying 'we are here and we won't be going away'." Nexus Music Blog

"Her empowering lyrics resonate with the listener, and this is a big part of kipani's appeal.  Most importantly, she connects with the audience and helps us to feel less alone together." FVMUSICBLOG

"...kipani and her band are for sure taking the music industry by storm." Gifted Balanced Records

Notable performances:
Bowery Electric, NYC (10/2022)

Rockwood Music Hall, NYC (5/2022)

Binghamton Spiedefest (8/2022)


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